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In early 2006, the General Land Office prepared documents for the leasing of groundwater resources under GLO lands in West Texas. Fran Sage's local environmental column "RIO NUEVO, WATER LEASING, AND THE GLO" summarized the state of this process as of April 1, 2006.

The General Land Office published their revised rules in the April 14, 2006 Texas Register.

An advance copy, received uder the Freedom of Information Act, was received on April 11. The first document provides guidance related to the criteria to be considered when reviewing proposed leases for the exploration and development of groundwater that are referred to the SLB by the Commissioner of the General Land Office. The second provides guidance for interested parties as it relates to the GLO's policy and procedures regarding the exploration and development of groundwater resources on state lands.

Several groups sent documents proposing changes in the original draft of the rules, which are listed here to show what an environmentally friendly document might include. We hope that these suggestions will be included in the revised rules linked above.

These supporting documents are in Adobe.pdf format. You can download the free Adobe Acobat Reader by clicking on the icon.
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Response of Environmental Defense, National Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club

Comments of Tyson Broad of the Sierra Club on behalf of the Texas Living Waters Project to the School Land Board

Comments of Janet Adams of the Jeff Davis Water District on the GLO proposal

Comments of Tom Beard for the Brewster County Groundwater Conservation District on the GLO proposal

Comments of the Bluebonnet Groundwater Conservation District on the GLO proposal


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