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Big Bend Regional Sierra Club Minutes November 21, 2000

Minutes: Public Meeting of the Big Bend Regional Sierra Club, Tuesday, November 21, 2000, Room 309 Lawrence Hall on SRSU Campus, Alpine, Texas

The meeting was called to order by BBRSC chair Fran Sage at 7 p.m.


  1. The December meeting will feature a slide show on the Big Bend Area by Susan Curry
  2. There was no new information to report on either the BRAVO study on Air Quality, or the TDH survey on public health in the region.
  3. Sage introduced Brian Cassell, who will chair the election committee.
  4. Cassell, Eve Trook and Jo Whayne will work on programs for the next year
  5. Brenda Bell had Sierra Club calendars for sale
  6. Sage gave a brief introduction to the process of pre-filing bills in the Legislature. These are available online at: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/capitol/daily77.htm

Sage then introduced Alan Tennant, who gave a talk and slide presentation on the Biogeography of the Trans-Pecos entitled Mountain Islands, Desert Seas.

Following the presentation, a brief business meeting was held. The minutes of the September meeting, which had been unavailable in October, due to the absence of the secretary, were approved as submitted. The October minutes should be available at the December meeting.

The Treasurer's report indicated a balance of $707.24 in the checking account, and a total of $3416.60 available in various other accounts.

Don Dowdey and Fran Sage reported on the Texas Radioactive Waste Defense Coalition, which had just received its incorporation papers today. The Coalition was formed to lobby the Legislature about Radioactive Waste issues and to be a continuing presence on the issue after the session. Incorporators and members of the Board of Directors include Tony Simmons and Richard Simpson of Austin, Don Dowdey of Alpine, Tip Chesney of Ft. Davis, Gary Oliver of Marfa, and Gilbert Barragan of Midland. Sage passed out copies of a set of principals adopted by the group. Erin Rogers, who worked with the Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund, will be a lobbyist for the Coalition during the session.

Sage reported that the proposal to build an airport in the Everglades, which had been a focus of a meeting last year, had just been defeated in the Congress.

Several people, including Malcolm Tweedy, Jim Walker, and Marie Blazek, reported on the activities of the Big Bend Chihuahuan Desert Air Quality Committee. They had met earlier today in Ojinaga, and were planning a joint project between high school students in Ojinaga and Alpine on the visibility issue.

Following the business meeting, we adjourned to refreshments, compliments of Lue Hirsch and Jim Sage.

Respectfully submitted

Don Dowdey, Secretary


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