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    Local control is a Texan value Get on the bus to Austin, tell the State to say no to "big government"  


    Many politicians in Austin got elected last November campaigning against "big government". Now elected, some of them want Texas to take away communities' right to govern themselves.

    That's right, now that they are the government, these state legislators favor big government.

    Why? Fracking.

    Last November, Denton residents voted -- in a ballot initiative -- to ban fracking within city limits after years of being ignored by the oil and gas industry, and the state. Industry and the state aren't ignoring communities any longer. Now they're trying to squash them. Oil and gas industry lackeys in Austin are now trying to strip communities power to determine what happens next to their homes, schools, hospitals, and playgrounds. And these efforts aren't limited to fracking, they'd restrict the rights of local governments across Texas in a variety of ways.

    Get on the bus!

    Join your fellow North Texans as we travel from Denton to our state capital in Austin to tell our representatives to uphold our right to local control.

    There are multiple bills already proposed in this legislative session that if passed, will strip municipalities of their home rule rights. Let's go tell Austin we don't want big government taking away local control!

    WHERE & WHEN: Depart Monday, March 2 at 6:30am : Wal-Mart, 2750 West University Drive, Denton, TX 76021

    Price: $15  Click here to sign up for the bus.  *You must sign up and hand in the form to get on the bus.* Additional pick up at 7:30am : Wal-Mart, 717 West Berry Street, Forth Worth, TX 76110.

    Price: $15  Click here to sign up for the bus.  *You must sign up and hand in the form to get on the bus.*
    Arrive in Austin at 11:30am
    : State Capital Building, Austin, TX
    Return to Denton Wal-Mart by 8:30pm with drop-off at Fort Worth Wal-Mart.


    En route, we will hear from someone with legislative experience on how to talk to our elected officials. You'll be provided with materials to share with your representatives, and tools to help you feel confident telling your story.
    We'll arrive at the capital by 11:30 am .
    We will have lunch in the Capital Grill where our lawmakers and their staff eat.
    Face-to-face meetings with elected officials and their staff.
    Return home - we cannot know the exact time but we will aim for no later than 8:30 p.m.
    This will be a memorable, well-spent day! You will be able to say that YOU helped create the change you want to see! Thank you,

    Sharon Wilson, Texas Organizer

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    Who We Are

    The Big Bend Regional Group of Sierra Club was founded in June 1996. We have around a hundred members in Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa, Marathon, Fort Stockton, Presidio, Sanderson and Terlingua.

    We are part of National Sierra Club, our nation's oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization, with over 2 million members and supporters. We work closely with the Lone Star Chapter, a Sierra Club subgroup that addresses Texas-wide environmental issues.

    Key decisions regarding the Group's operation are made by the five-member Executive Committee.

    Our primary goal is to preserve and protect the unique beauty and integrity of our region.

    Get Involved!

    We need your help! To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Kay at kayplavi@yahoo.com.

    We invite you to become a Sierra Club member. You help support our Club by purchasing Sierra Club Books. Thank you for your support.

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