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Wednesday, March 25th: The Human Scale

This documentary visits dynamic urban environments for new inspiration under leadership of Jan Gehl, architect, who focuses on public spaces and public life in megacities. He is concerned, among other things, about how to made large cities more pedestrian friendly. Film is by Andreas M. Dalsgaard.

Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities for 40 years. Andreas M. Dalsgaard’s beautiful cinematic tour of the world’s metropolises uses Gehl’s research to argue that putting people, instead of motor vehicles, at the centre of city planning could allow us to build intimate and inclusive environments that will mitigate many of the challenges city dwellers face today.

The documentary visits dynamic urban environments such as Dhaka’s clogged main roads (where rickshaws are banned), pedestrianization initiatives and impromptu happenings in New YorkMelbourne’s suburban sprawl, and post earthquake reconstruction in Christchurch to explore the problems, challenges and possible outcomes for urban development. The human cityscapes are a delight to watch, and the interviews with city officials, planners and architects are concise and keep the pace engaging. Read more: Stunning Film ‘The Human Scale’ Uses Architect Jan Gehl’s Voice to Inspire the World’s City Dwellers

Wednesday, April  22nd: Cadillac Desert

We will view one of four films in the Cadillac Desert series. A paradigm shift for water usage will be necessary and important in our region in the future.

Our Lion's Field events are free and open to the public. They occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Lion's Field Adult Center, 2809 Broadway @ Mulberry (see map below). Programs begin at 6:30 p.m..