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Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call or email message to sway the opinion of our elected leaders and officials. Contact us at AlamoAlerts and we will add you to our local Sierra Club Action Alert Email List. You don't have to be a Sierra Club member to receive our alerts, (but we do hope you'll join us).

Prevent an oil disaster in America's Arctic!

Protect the Arctic from an oil spill disaster!
Tell the Obama Administration to cancel all existing Arctic oil drilling leases and to halt any future oil lease sales!

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25 years ago today, the 987-foot Exxon Valdez oil tanker struck Bligh Reef, spilling 10.8 million gallons of toxic crude oil into Alaska's Prince William Sound. 
The crude oil, transported by currents and storms washed onto 1,300 miles of shoreline decimating it with sticky, black, petroleum. Thousands of sea otters, fish and birds soaked up the oil while hundreds of people worked tirelessly to mop up the crude and save as much wildlife as possible.  

On the 25th anniversary of this disaster, many species have yet to recover and the fishing economy of the region has never fully bounced back. Even worse, the threat of another catastrophic oil spill in Alaska has not diminished.
Each year Shell Oil pushes to drill in America's Arctic -- but the Arctic's extreme weather, harsh cold, sea ice, winter darkness, and sensitive wildlife make it the last place we should be drilling for oil.

Protect the Arctic from another oil spill disaster. Tell the Obama Administration to cancel all current Arctic drilling leases and halt all future lease sales!
The nearest Coast Guard station to the Arctic is over 1,000 miles away and the inhospitable Arctic environment would make any oil spill impossible to clean up. From the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in Prince William Sound, to the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil industry has proven time and again it is incapable of dealing with a major oil spill -- even under the best conditions.

Arctic wildlife struggle to survive at the best of times -- an oil disaster would threaten numerous Arctic species already endangered by runaway climate change. Receding sea ice is cutting polar bears off from their summer feeding grounds -- it's reducing the ice walrus use for hunting and where ice seals can raise their young. 
Our best conservation efforts may not be able to save these precious Arctic animals from the impacts of climate change -- add an Arctic oil disaster and they could be wiped out entirely.

Don't let another oil disaster devastate the Arctic and the unique wildlife that call it home. Tell the Obama Administration to cancel all current Arctic drilling leases and halt all future lease sales!
People like you are the only thing standing in the way of Big Oil and their Arctic drilling plans. And our advocacy efforts are working -- in January, Shell announced it will not be drilling in the Arctic this summer. Now we must make sure they don't come back!

Keep Shell Oil out of the Arctic. Tell the Obama Administration to cancel all current Arctic drilling leases and halt all future lease sales!
Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Dan Ritzman
Our Wild America Campaign 
Sierra Club

Alert posted March 29, 2014

Final chance to save the gray wolf

Wolves could get a second a chance, but we must act now.


Now's your last chance—make an emergency gift for wolves and all threatened wildlife today.

Can you believe it? Some promising news for wolves, for once:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is reopening the comment period on its plan to strip Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the Lower 48.

This eleventh-hour agency decision was influenced by massive public protest and a report from a panel of scientists who unanimously agreed that the Obama administration’s wolf delisting proposal did not represent “the best available science.”

Your hard work fighting for wolves is paying off. Close to one million Americans wrote in opposing the plan to lift protections—that’s the largest number of comments ever on a federal decision about endangered species. And hundreds more people showed up in-person at hearings to decide gray wolves’ future.

But we don’t have long to stop the rule once and for all—March 27th is the deadline for the public to weigh in, and the fate of wolves across the country hangs in the balance.

Now’s your last chance—help us reverse Fish and Wildlife’s deadly plan for wolves before the deadline. Make an emergency gift to the Sierra Club to help wolves and all threatened wildlife and wild places today.

Your gift will help fuel the Sierra Club’s effort to deliver as many comments as possible and keep the pressure on during this critical final stretch. You’ll help mobilize our 2.1 million members and supporters to write to the Obama administration and rally in support of wolf protection.

I won’t let up now, when we’re so close, and I hope you’re with me.

The Endangered Species Act was wolves' salvationhelping the small, fragile population of gray wolves that remains in the U.S. today. Delisting wolves now would turn back the clock on years of hard-won recovery work. 

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to reopen the comment period is a promising sign, but we still have our work cut out for us if we’re going to halt their proposed plan.

Make an urgent gift to the Sierra Club.

Together we’ll tell the Obama administration: please, don't turn back the clock on almost 40 years of wolf conservation.

Congress made history in 2011 when it delisted the Northern Rockies Gray Wolf. Since then, more than 1,700 wolves have been senselessly slaughtered by sport hunters and trappers. And in December 2012, Yellowstone’s most beloved wolf matriarch was murdered in cold blood by a hunter when she ventured outside the park in search of food.

We have the chance to make history in the fight to save these majestic animals. I can't let wolves vanish to another distant memory. For my children and yours…for the future of our environment and cherished natural places…I’m asking you now to help save wolves.

Thank you for everything you do for the vulnerable creatures and habitats we’re working to protect. 

Michael Brune
Executive Director

Alert posted March 1, 2014

Prohibit Coal Tar-Based Sealants

The Alamo Group encourages you to contact your City Council representative and the San Antonio Housing Authority about prohibiting usage of coal tar-based sealants on pavement.

Here is a telephone script for contacting council. Your councilmember's contact info is here and here.

Here is a suggested letter to the San Antonio Housing Authority.

Coal tar-based pavement sealants threaten our drinking water by contaminating it with known carcinogens. See these slides by Stephen Kale, P.E. for information about the dangers of coal tar-based sealants.

Alert posted January 25, 2014

Ask City Council to Ban Single-use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags blowing in wind

Single-use checkout bags have harmful impacts on our environment and drain our tax dollars. San Antonio residents use more than 1.6 billion plastic bags every year. At least 80% of these end up in landfills or as litter.

While stores don't charge for the bags, city taxpayers pay for a variety of pollution impacts. They cause damage to recycling facilities, and despite the fact that they are about 1% of the waste stream, they cost recyclers as much as 30% of their labor time. They clog up storm drains and wastewater treatment plants. They cost San Antonio residents as much as $1.3 million a year to control their pollution, and they disproportionately affect low income communities who have fewer resources for litter control, less recycling and more fragile infrastructure. That $1.3 million could help low income San Antonio neighborhoods, but instead is being wasted on plastic bag pollution! Even more money is being spent on state and federal clean-up efforts, and it is impossible to put a dollar value on the impacts to wildlife killed by plastic bags.

Visit this page to send a message to City Council. Personalized emails are far more meaningful to your elected officials than form letters. Be sure to include a personal message about why the issue is important to you, and why you think passing a local ordinance will be the appropriate solution.

Also, be sure to sign Cris Medina's online petition. Then, consider:

Suggested Points to Include:

Alert posted November 18, 2013