Position Paper: Water Resources Management & Protection


Water is a vital resource to the state of Texas, its people, and its environment. Water resources issues in Texas cover a wide range due to the diverse hydrological, topographic, climatic, biological, and economic situations existing in this large state. Ever since the establishment of the Lone Star Chapter in Texas, the Sierra Club has made water resources management and protection a priority. The Sierra Club in Texas has defeated unwarranted water development "boondoggle" proposals, strengthened the state’s surface water quality standards, helped to establish nondegradation as the groundwater protection policy of the state, promoted the proper management of such important water resources as the Edwards Aquifer, sought and achieved greater levels of protection for environmental water needs, and promoted water conservation and efficiency, among other accomplishments. In the 21st century, as greater pressure is put on the state’s water resources due to population growth and other demands, the Sierra Club will continue to make water resources a priority issue.


The Sierra Club seeks to protect and enhance the quality of the waters of the state of Texas and to assure an appropriate supply of clean water to meet environmental, drinking water, recreational, and other water needs, consistent with the management of population growth and with the implementation of sound water conservation practices.


In order to protect and enhance the quality of the waters of the state and to assure an appropriate supply of water, the Lone Star Chapter will pursue the following objectives: