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General Meetings

Tuesday, April 15th: A Sustainability Plan for San Antonio

Students in the graduate Urban and Regional Sustainability class at UTSA are eager to present a draft of their sustainability plan for San Antonio to our general meeting. The students seek feedback on their efforts in order to develop a realistic and effective plan. The graduate students have been reviewing sustainability issues as well as sustainability plans and climate action plans from various cities.

Based on their research and their knowledge of San Antonio, they have developed a preliminary plan for San Antonio that is ready for review. UTSA Adjunct Associate Professor Bill Barker, AICP, is the instructor guiding the students.

Times, maps and speaker bios are on our Events page.

Next Lion's Field Event

Wednesday, April 23rd: Living Downstream

We are all downstream. This eloquent film discusses the connection between the environment and human health. It follows an ecologist during one year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links.

Visit our Lion's Field Events page for a map, times and more events.

Next Social Event

Sierrans enjoying dinner and drinks

Friday, April 25th: La Tuna

Good assortment of food to wash down with a beer. Join us outside and enjoy San Antonio’s beautiful spring weather under the trees. Contact Loyd Cortez (phone 454-2052 or email) if planning to attend.

Visit our Social Events page for maps, times and information about future gatherings.

Environmental Highlights - State & Local

You Can’t Say They Don’t Care What You Think — Public Input on HB 4
By Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair, Sierra Club – Lone Star Chapter

Last November Texas voters overwhelming approved Proposition 6 – a proposed state constitutional amendment that created a new state water fund for water projects in the state water plan. Approval of “Prop 6” indirectly transferred $2 billion from the state’s “rainy day” fund into this new State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) to provide water for “non-rainy” days. [More...]

No more study; just ban plastic bags
Op-ed by Peggy Day, Alamo Group Chair

I am writing to correct assertions in the Express-News Nov. 15 editorial, “Plastic bag ban needs more study.”

Banning thin film plastic carryout bags is not “a complex issue that deserves close study by City Council” but an issue that has been studied exhaustively around the state, indeed the world, and bans are winning the debate. [More...]

Join in the Fun!

Saturday, April 26th: Theme is "Traditions Old and New"

Help with the Alamo Sierra Club entry in the King William Parade 2014

The Alamo Sierra Club will march in the parade. Our theme is our current carryout bag ban campaign. For the old tradition renewed, we plan to tell a story by enacting the history of carryout traditions, then bad paper/plastic bag epoch, and renewed good carryout traditions being made.

The idea is some of us will begin our parade entry dressed in old-fashioned clothes with old-time shopping baskets, carts and bags from eras as far back as you wish to go. Following this will be marchers dressed from the 1950s to 90’s period dress with paper (actually got started in 1852!) and plastic bags, followed by Bag Monsters with arms of ugly branches clotted with tattered plastic bags and other visible ill effects.

Then we will have marchers carrying our 2014 It’s in the Bag! campaign’s reusable eco bags, followed by all kinds of proud, hip shoppers in modern clothes with reusable shopping bags, baskets, wheeled collapsible carts, bikes, and all kinds of new and ingenious carryout containers. We have put together some fun, creative ideas for parade outfits here and here.

Sierrans carrying banner in King Wm parade 2006

Are you creative? Join in the fun and help with this worthy cause. Please spread the word to friends, neighbors, colleagues, artists, students, children—anyone can join us—the more the merrier. Please contact Gay Wright, (210) 362-1984 or Margaret Day (210) 829-5632 if you are interested in participating.

Take Action Today!

The Sierra Club needs your action on important issues affecting our environment. Just click on the link(s) below to read the action alerts and fill out a brief form that is automatically sent to your Senators, Representatives and other elected officials.

Prevent an oil disaster in America's Arctic!

Final chance to save the gray wolf

Prohibit Coal Tar-Based Sealants

Ask City Council to Ban Single-use Plastic Bags

For more urgent Sierra Club alerts, visit our Action Alerts page.

Upcoming Community Events

Urban Wildlife Management Workshop
Thursday, May 8th
Phil Hardberger Park Urban Ecology Center
Website | Map | Registration Form

For more information about these events, click the event title or go to our Community Events page.


Make your voice heard! City council decisions, regulatory actions, legislation in Austin; we need to be ready to act at a moment's notice to support the good and stop the bad.
Sometimes all it takes is a simple phone call or email message to sway the opinion of our local elected leaders and officials. Contact us and we will add you to our Alamo Sierra Club Action Alert Email List. You don't have to be a Sierra Club member to receive our alerts, (but we do hope you'll join us).

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